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Dropshipping Fulfillment made easy.

tool for your Dropshipping Fulfillment

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Why use U-Send Fulfillment?

We help your company grow!

Quick Shipping Methods

Choose the best cost-effective shipping lines available to make your customers highly satisfied. Using quick & reliable shipping methods will prevent you from getting disputes.

Low-cost Goods

Use our services and enjoy the best quality/price ratio available. All goods are getting inspected for top quality, while you are still paying the lowest price possible.

Realtime Analytics

Keep track of the health of your business in one simple dashboard. Analyze your costs to calculate your profits and be constantly aware of the status of your orders.

24/7 Tracking

Access all your shipping information in one place. Easily check the delivery status of each package to ensure they will arrive on time.

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Seamless Order Fulfillment.

Don’t Question, know.

Effortlessly track and manage all of your orders in one single, easy-to-use platform. Stay updated in real-time with order management, tracking & notifications, leaving no detail unnoticed. Unleash your focus and dedicate your energy to what truly matters, while we handle the heavy lifting.

  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Clear Expenses Overview
  • Clear Interface
  • No MOQ’s
  • Personal Agent
  • Low-Cost Goods

24/7 Support

Stay on top of your business.

Managing a high volume of shipments can be quite overwhelming, especially when you have to keep track of hundreds, if not thousands of orders. 

Luckily, when you use U-Send you’ll have an account manager who you can reach out to any day of the week for all additional information needed!

Of course you can! Depending on the amount of orders you receive on a daily basis you can request multiple quotations per day. 

U-Send can help you by keeping track of all of your orders in our all-in-one platform.

This way you keep track over your fulfillment, disputes and order tracking without losing control.

For bigger sellers, we often use discounts, which you can request with your account manager.

Our delivery times vary based on the type of product you are selling, with non-electric shipments being the fastest, typically delivered within 4 to 8 days, ensuring swift and efficient service.

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We are ready, you?

Get the maximum out of it.

Authoritatively underwhelm excellent methodologies via premium expertise
competitive than open-source imperatives disseminate.

Less Disputes

Less complications and miscommunications. with your agent. Customers will be more satisfied with you service leading to less disputes.

Fast Communication

Enables you to move quickly and get more complex problems out of the way quickly. Our account managers are at your service.

Ready to Scale

When you get your hands on that one product…
You want to make sure that ALL is taken care of. We are prepared for you to scale to 100s of orders per day!

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Fulfillment made easy.

How does it work?

It’s easy to start working with U-Send. Just follow the steps below and get started.

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Install our App

Via the Shopify App store and complete our onboarding-process.


Get a Quote

Easily request a quotation from our portal which you will get in 24 hours.


Fulfill Order

Fulfill your order fast and safe. Pay via PayPal, CreditCard or via wallet.


Track your order

Track your order in realtime from our All-in-one overview.

So… What now?

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Did we left you speechless?

Perfect. Our app is completely free to use and you only pay for the product- and shipping costs whenever you fulfill orders.

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Do you still have questions?

No worries. We are here to help. Send us a direct message via Whatsapp and ask us whatever you want about your Dropshipping Fulfillment!

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