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Conversion rate optimization

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of increasing the percentage of visitors who take a desired action on your website or landing page to improve its effectiveness.  You can increase sales and revenue, lower advertising costs, and improve the return on investment for your efforts in marketing by improving your conversion rate. In this article, we’ll share six tried-and-true hacks for increasing conversion rates and converting more website visitors into paying customers.
Every dollar in ads will become more valuable by implementing these tips.

  1. Make your cart dull and boring.
    They can either only purchase or purchase your cross-sell, but that’s it. Pick up your phone and make sure the email/SMS popups in the cart are turned off. Many stores fail to disable it there which leads to frustration of your client.

    If you make too many promises, you will completely lose your customers’ trust. To get there, rely on modest claims and storytelling. People enjoy the community aspect and knowing they are a part of a large group of people. Story > overselling.

  3. Be upfront and honest about any additional costs.
    One of the leading causes of checkout abandonment is the inclusion of hidden or unclear charges.
    Whether you charge for shipping, insurance, or anything else, be straightforward and honest (even on your product page).

  4. Allow multiple payment methods
    Everything is guided by convenience and occasion.
    Today, not everyone has a credit card, can pay in full, or knows their credit card information.
    Use Apple Pay and PayPal, and allow for staged payments whenever possible.

  5. Value Proposition
    Get potential buyers hooked by highlight the benefit and outcome of your product as soon as they visit the page.
    This can easily be done utilising Shopify’s product titles.
    Instead of the product title being: PRODUCT X,
    You should try: PRODUCT X | Get Back Your Confidence in No-Time

  6. Savings Labels
    Make your savings more appealing to potential buyers by doing the math for them and properly laying them out.
    People are too lazy, so do everything you can to help them:
    – Highlight the new price
    – Grey out the old price / strikethrough
    – Show them what they save in a label
Good usage of a saving label & striketrough of the old price.

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