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Dispute List

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Dispute List

The value of the dispute list

In the world of Dropshipping, addressing customer disputes is an essential part of maintaining a seamless operation. The Order Disputes function within U-Send Fulfillment is designed to streamline the process of managing and resolving disputesensuring customer satisfaction and efficient conflict resolution.

Types of disputes

Damaged/Wrong Product Dispute: When a customer reports receiving a damaged or incorrect product, select this option. Request photographic proof from the customer, ideally showing the item and packaging. You can then offer to resend the correct product or provide a refund, based on the issue.

Proof Document Dispute: For cases where payment providers request proof documents, select this option. Choose the relevant order and specify the type of proof required. This may include documents like proof of delivery, shipping, local tracking, and a waybill. Additional details can be added if necessary.

Lost Tracking Dispute: If an order’s tracking hasn’t updated for a considerable time, select this option. Choose between requesting a resend or a refund for the order.

Navigating through disputes

To effectively manage and resolve disputes using U-Send Fulfillment, follow these steps:

Open the left menu and select “Dispute List” under the “Orders” section. From there, you can initiate and oversee disputes related to your shipped orders.

Initiate a new dispute by clicking “Open a New Dispute” within the Dispute List. A pop-up window will allow you to choose a shipped order for which you wish to raise a dispute.

When initiating the dispute, select the relevant issue from the options provided. You can upload supporting documents, such as photos or tracking information, to strengthen your case. Submit your dispute request for review.

After submission, your dispute request will be labeled as “Pending”. Our dedicated team will review and address your dispute within 24 hours. Once we respond, the dispute status will change to “Complete”.

To review the outcome of the dispute, simply click on the “Complete” status. This allows you to access the dispute details you initiated and view our response, providing a comprehensive overview of the resolution.


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