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Here are some tips you can implement right away!

  1. Self interest

People are by nature self-centered; they are only interested in what you or your product can achieve for them.

When preparing emails:

Put the reader first; concentrate on the product’s advantages; and clearly demonstrate how their quality of life will increase.

2. Curiousness

Human behavior has been influenced by our intrinsic urge to complete loops and make sense of the universe from the beginning of time.

The majority of email copywriters, regrettably, misuse it and lose 80% of their readers before the CTA.

Here are 2 psychological cues you can utilize right now to use curiosity:

A) Questioning beliefs

When you question a widely held notion, you cause mental confusion in the reader and hold their interest while they look for the cause.

People think that having intelligence gives them a financial advantage, for instance.
Because it clearly contradicts what they think to be true, a subject line like “Why persons with 85 IQ are generating double your income” will likely be ignored.

B) Creating a “gap in the information”
Excellent copy is threatened by compartmentalization.
The reader won’t even click the email if they believe they already know what you’re going to say, let alone continue reading.
Create information gaps in your SL and body copy to prevent this.

3. Simplicity

It is simpler for individuals to continue reading & act if they fully get what you are expressing.

Use this idea in your emails by:

Editing ruthlessly, streamlining your content, and clearly outlining your desired action are all recommended.

4. Emotional appeals

Being emotional beings, humans are compelled by anything that stirs up an emotion.

In an emotional state, we’re also more likely to act, which is why it’s crucial for copywriters to get this right.

The two finest methods for evoking feeling are

Knowing your reader, first

You can quietly include readers’ likely pain areas and desires into your writing once you know what they are.

B) Telling stories

We enjoy stories because they appeal to our emotions. If you can properly write a story, you can utilize it to spread your message.

5. Consistency

People naturally want to behave in a way that is compatible with their values and beliefs.


Because it’s simpler to decide once and stick with it than to constantly reevaluate our worldview.

It’s a filtration system that everyone possesses.

You NEED to know your readers for this reason, among others.

When you are aware of the values and beliefs that your audience upholds, you can demonstrate in your copy how purchasing your product is merely an extension of those values and beliefs.

(Much simpler than attempting to alter their point of view)

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