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How do I write a compelling offer resulting in more conversions?

Where do we start?

Making the buyer feel foolish for leaving your store without purchasing your product is the key to producing appealing offers.

We provide them an alluring proposition. We deal with all of their issues and deliver the “ideal outcome” they desire from using your product. They purchase your ab roller, which guarantees them a six-pack within 30 days, because they want to get a six-pack, for example.

Breaking this down:

You must take your current offer and enhance it in order that the customer has so little reasons for rejecting it.

How to do this?

Add bonuses.

Here are some effective bonuses that we have previously seen many businesses use:
– Two for the price of one
– 50% off when you buy one,
– Buy two, get one free, plus shipping
– Reduce product price and increase shipping costs
– Including freebies (Like a free protection case when they buy your product)
– With purchase, get a free PDF – with the purchase of our [PRODUCT], receive a free [PDF] with 20 [WAYS TO USE PRODUCT]

Provide a sense of urgency and scarcity

Do NOT make this look or feel scammy
Do not add one of those countdown timers if you are running a flash sale. People often associate those with fraudulent websites that they had a bad experience with, we’ve discovered.

Indicate how many units are still available by saying, “Just 7 units left!”

Add reviews for social proof.

The likelihood that someone will buy from you increases dramatically if they can see other people using and appreciating the product.

Make sure your website is completely trustworthy-looking. If customers can’t trust your business, they won’t buy from you. They’ll simply purchase something from Amazon, for instance.

Show how people use your product

People aren’t as smart as you believe, so demonstrate how to use it. You must be Quite clear about what you are offering.

Keep in mind:

Consumers must genuinely desire either your product or the issue it resolves. A homerun offer won’t make a difference if people aren’t actually interested in it.

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