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Orders Documentation

Whether you’re a seasoned user or just getting started, our documentation offers a wealth of information to guide you through the intricacies of the order process. From placing an order to tracking its status, from understanding payment methods to exploring how to source products – our documentation covers it all.

  • Our commitment to providing you with the best experience is unwavering. As we strive for continuous improvement, please note that certain elements of our system may evolve over time. This is because we’re dedicated to refining and enhancing your journey, ensuring it’s as smooth as possible.

Order overview

Upon accessing the “Orders” section, an all-encompassing overview of your unfulfilled orders received via Shopify is readily available. These unfulfilled orders are distinctly identifiable by their corresponding order IDs, which correspond to those generated within your Shopify interface. The date of order reception is also prominently displayed, providing a clear indication of when the order was initiated. Adjacent to the date, you will find the customer’s name.

In the order overview, you’ll find both product cost and shipping cost details. However, please note that these specifics will only become visible subsequent to the submission of a sourcing request through the “Products” section, followed by the successful completion of the sourcing process by our dedicated team. At that juncture, the product cost and shipping cost information will be presented.


In the rightmost column labeled “Fulfillment”, you’ll find a dynamic display of actionable options, each indicative of tasks that are either ready to be undertaken or currently in progress.

Should any issues arise, adjacent to the order number, you may encounter a conspicuous red “i” icon. Hovering your cursor over this icon will trigger an information pop-up, elaborating on the specific issue at hand.

The buttons located under the “Fulfillment” column possess varying functions, catering to distinct scenarios:

  • Get Quote: Clicking this button triggers an automatic placement of a sourcing request. This is especially useful if you’re seeking quotations for the fulfillment of your order.
  • Edit Shipping Info: Should any irregularities or inaccuracies arise in the shipping information, this button provides a convenient means to rectify the situation.
  • Quotation Pending: This status indicates that a sourcing request has already been submitted and is awaiting processing.
  • Quotation Rejected: In instances where a sourcing request has been partially unsuccessful, signified by this status, you’ll be informed that fulfillment of one or more products is not feasible. Should this occur, you can address the issue by removing the problematic product(s) from your Shopify order, allowing the fulfillment of the remaining items.

These functions, encapsulated within the “Fulfillment” column, offer an efficient means of managing your orders. For further insights into order statuses, please refer to the upcoming section.

Order statusses

Let’s delve into the different order statuses available within U-Send Fulfillment, corresponding to the tabs “All,” “Waiting,” “Processing,” “Shipped,” and “Failed.”

All Orders: The “All” tab serves as the comprehensive overview, displaying all orders regardless of their current status. Should you require a more filtered view, the various tabs offer a convenient way to focus on orders with specific statuses.

Waiting: Under the “Waiting” tab, you’ll find all orders that are primed and ready for fulfillment. Each order in this section is equipped with a “Fulfill Order” button. This empowers you to either select individual orders for fulfillment or seamlessly process all awaiting orders at once using the “Fulfill” button located in the top-right corner.

Processing: Moving to the “Processing” tab, you’ll encounter orders that have already been fulfilled on your end. Our dedicated team will subsequently review these orders and the associated payments from the backend. Furthermore, we’ll promptly integrate tracking codes to these orders.

Shipped: Orders categorized as “Shipped” signify successful processing. While this doesn’t necessarily mean your order is en route to the customer, it does indicate that we’ve meticulously reviewed the order details and payment. Furthermore, a tracking code has been integrated. To monitor the real-time progress of your order, make use of our “Order Tracking” menu.

Failed: The “Failed” tab encompasses orders that have yet to be fulfilled and are not yet prepared for fulfillment. Orders falling under this status can vary in reasons for not progressing. To gain insight into the precise requirements for each order, refer to the specific order details. A comprehensive explanation of the statuses can be found earlier in our documentation.

These different statuses offer an organized approach to managing your orders. By selecting the appropriate tab, you can efficiently navigate through your orders based on their current status and take appropriate actions accordingly.


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